Hello World

November 23, 2020 Nate Ebel Season 1 Episode 1
Hello World
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Hello World ๐Ÿ‘‹

Welcome to the first episode of the goobar podast; where we talk about building great software and helping others do the same!

I am your host, Nate Ebel, and I'm very happy that you're tuning in to this first episode of a project I've wanted to start for quite some time now.

In this episode, I introduce the podcast, share the goals and inspiration behind it, and then give you a little background on myself and the experiences I'll be bringing into each episode.

What's this podcast about?
I feel I've been really fortunate to have great teams, and mentors throughout my career, and a big part of that mentorship has always been the short chats, and all the small interactions throughout our time working together.

And that's the idea I want to bring to this podcast; a feeling of connectedness and a sense that someone out there is in your corner if you're ever feeling stuck; which, let's face, we all feel at some time or another.

I want to imagine we're sitting down for a quick cup of coffee and just chatting about software development.

We might talk about fixing an interesting bug one day, how to become more involved in the developer community, or how to carve out the next step in your career journey.  We'll cover a lot ground as we explore the many different facets of a career in software development.

My hope, is that each week we can feel inspired to dream, learn, and create so we can spend our time in rewarding careers doing the work we enjoy, and helping others do the same.

Have a question?
Have a question for the podcast?  Send in you questions to or reach out to me directly.

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