Understanding Continuous Integration

November 27, 2020 Nate Ebel Season 1 Episode 3
Understanding Continuous Integration
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In this week's episode, we're chatting about a topic near and dear to my heart; continuous integration, or CI, as it's more commonly referred to.

This is something that pretty much any modern professional dev team is going to use, and yet, it's something that many new devs have very little exposure to or understanding of.  Because of this, CI can seem very intimidating and is often silo'd off as something most people don't think about.

But hopefully in this episode, we can start to change that.  We're going explore the core goals and concepts of CI, introduce you to a few of industry leading CI tools, and finally, we'll chat about how you can start taking advantage of CI in your teams or personal projects.

🖥 CI Samples for Android Development

Building An Android CI Pipeline With GitHub Actions:

Sample Project - GitHubActionsAutomationSandbox:

🛠 CI Providers

GitHub Actions:





Travis CI:


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