No Broken Windows

November 29, 2020 Nate Ebel Season 1 Episode 4
No Broken Windows
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In this week's episodes, we're exploring one of my favorite software development mantras "no broken windows". 

We're going to review the broken windows theory as presented in the book The Pragmatic Programmer and examine how that theory can be applied to our projects to to improve the quality of our software projects over time.

We'll look at what the theory is, and isn't, when applied to a software project and discuss a couple of low-cost ways for you to start applying this thinking to your own work.

The Pragmatic Programmer
Broken Windows Theory

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What is the broken window theory?
Applying the no broken window theory at home
Applying the no broken window theory to a codebase
Reducing software entropy
How to pragmatically apply the no broken windows theory to your project?
Low-cost ways to start applying no broken windows to your projects
Higher-cost ways to apply no broken windows to your projects
How to determine what is a broken window?
In Summary