State Of Mobile App Development In 2021

February 01, 2021 Nate Ebel Season 1 Episode 10
State Of Mobile App Development In 2021
Show Notes

Let's explore the state of mobile app development in 2021.

What are the major operating systems?  How are developers building apps?  Where are users getting their apps?

We'll dive into these questions and more.

00:00 Teaser
01:02 Intro
01:58 What Mobile Operating Systems Are People Using?
03:00 Lesser Used Mobile Operating Systems
04:38 AOSP Variants
05:35 How Are Devs Building Apps?
06:02 Native Development
08:39 Cross Platform Development
11:54 Coding Sharing With Kotlin Multiplatform
14:29 Where Are Users Getting Their Apps?
17:13 How Much Money Are Apps Making?
19:10 Mobile Trends In 2021
19:35 Will Lack Of 1:1 Mentorship Negatively Impact Devs Early In Their Careers?
21:26 Slowed Innovation
24:01 New Form Factors Are Still Not Quite Ready
25:22 Declarative, Reactive UI
27:38: In Summary

Huawei's HarmonyOS

Google's Fuschia

Mobile Operating Systems On Wikipedia

React Native



Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

List Of Mobile App Stores

App Revenue Data


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