State Of Kotlin In 2021

February 08, 2021 Nate Ebel Season 1 Episode 11
State Of Kotlin In 2021
Show Notes

What is the state of the Kotlin programming language in 2021?  What are the new features?  Where are investments being made?  How is Kotlin being used?

We're going to explore these questions and more in this week's episode.

00:00 Teaser
00:42 Intro
00:59 Kotlin Turns 11 This Year
01:29 Kotlin Today
03:45 Evolving In The Open
05:15 Kotlin In The JVM Ecosystem
06:15 Kotlin For Android Development
07:56 Evolution Of The Kotlin Language
08:42 3 Ares Of Continued Investment
09:33 Kotlin On The Web
11:49 Jetpack Compose
14:22 Kotlin Multiplatform
17:17 Where To Learn Kotlin?
21:30 In Summary

Show Notes

Kotlin Releases

JVM Ecosystem Report

Kotlin Language Proposals

New Kotlin Project Lead

Spring Boot

Compose For Web Demos

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries

Learning Kotlin Playlists On Goobar

My freeCodeCamp Course

My Mastering Kotlin Book

Google's Android Developer Courses

My 9-Week Android Development Series



Talking Kotlin Podcast

Compose Academy

Official Kotlin YouTube

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